The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) was created in September, 2012 by Wheeling Police Chief R. S. Schwertfeger. The Office of Professional Standards has oversight on all citizen complaints to ensure that a complete and thorough investigation is conducted regarding complaints filed against Wheeling Police Officers. The Wheeling Police Department appreciates that the citizens we serve are willing to come forward to express concerns about police conduct. The citizens that the Wheeling Police Department serves should be assured that the Office of Professional Standards takes all complaints against department members seriously and every case is investigated thoroughly and is handled in compliance with established laws and internal policies.

Because internal investigations records are considered confidential by the State of WV and the policies of the Wheeling Police Department, the Office of Professional Standards cannot provide information regarding the investigation or its outcome. Regardless of the outcome, every complaint investigation creates an opportunity for the officer and the Wheeling Police Department to make adjustments which hopefully will improve relationships with the citizens we serve.

The Office of Professional Standards is administered by Sgt. William Nolan Jr. Sgt. Nolan is the first investigator appointed to the Office Of Professional Standards and he has served the Wheeling Police Department for 22 years in the Patrol Division prior to his OPS appointment. The Office of Professional Standards can be reached at (304) 234-6406, Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 4 PM. Or if a citizen has a complaint to file in person, they may come to the Wheeling Police Department and obtain a copy of the Citizen Complaint Form and fill it out and submit the form for investigation.


PHONE: 304-234-6406