The Wheeling Police Department is a Civil Services Agency. A Police Civil Service examination is given once every two years. An eligibility list is created from the results of that examination. This list remains in effect for two years or until the list is exhausted, at which time a new test is given.

To be eligible to take the Entry Level Police Officer Examination, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. Age: 18 to 40 at time of application.

  2. High School Diploma or G.E.D. Equivalent.

  3. Valid Driver’s License.

  4. No Convictions for the following criminal offenses-Domestic Assault or Domestic Battery, DUI, or any Felony.

  5. Must be a bona-fide resident of the City, Ohio County or approved area in Brooke and Marshall Counties. Employees must meet this requirement prior to appointment or within six (6) months thereafter.

  6. Minorities, Veterans, and Women are encouraged to apply – Equal Opportunity Employer.

  7. Citizen of the United States.

The hiring process is governed by the Police Civil Service Commission. Candidates who meet the above requirements are mandated to pass a physical agility test (pass/fail) then pass a written civil service exam (70% or higher). Candidates are ranked and placed on an eligibility list based of their written test scores. Veteran’s preference points will be awarded in accordance with WV State Code 6-13-1. A DD-214 or other suitable military document must be submitted with the application. The eligibility list is valid for two (2) years or until the list is exhausted. When a list has expired/exhausted the City of Wheeling Human Resources Department will give public notice via the local newspaper (Wheeling-Intelligencer and News Register), the City’s website (, and other various social media networks outlining application details and exam dates. Please note the Human Resources Department will not accept applications when there is a current eligibility list. Any questions in regards to this process can be answered by contacting the Human Resources Department at 304-234-3694 or email Lisa Gruber at

When a vacancy exists the next eligible candidate on the current list will be contacted by the Wheeling Police Department. The candidate is required to successfully pass a Background Investigation, Polygraph Examination, Psychological Examination, and Pre-Employment Medical Physical. The final stage of the hiring process is an interview with the Chief of Police.

Once the appointment has been made to the Wheeling Police Department the officer is ranked as a Probationary Police Officer (PO), the PO must complete the following within the one (1) year Probationary Period:

Four (4) weeks of training with the department training unit. This includes familiarization with policies and procedures of the Wheeling Police Department, firearms qualification and defensive tactics training. The PO must successfully complete a sixteen (16) week Basic Police Officer Training course at the West Virginia State Police Academy located in Institute, WV. This course will certify the Probationary Officer as a fully sworn WV Law Enforcement Officer. After completing the WVSP certification, the PO will be placed in the WPD Field Training Officer (FTO) program and must successfully complete this fourteen (14) week course. After completion of the FTO program, the PO will be assigned to work a single officer patrol unit on a Patrol Shift as a fully sworn Wheeling Police Officer.

If the PO is a certified law enforcement officer from another WV Police Department and has not been out of law enforcement service for more than two (2) years, they are not required to attend the WVSP Academy. These certified officers are eligible for a $5,000 sign on bonus paid out after the officer completes their probationary period. Also, if the PO is a certified law enforcement officer from another state and the WVSP Academy accepts your certification, the PO will have to attend the WVSP Academy for three (3) weeks of training to be certified as a WV law enforcement officer. If the certification from another state is not accepted by the WVSP Academy, then the PO will have to attend the full WVSP Academy training course for certification. Please note officers who are required to attend the WVSP Academy in any capacity are not eligible for a sign on bonus.

Candidates should be aware that the West Virginia State Police Academy has changed the agility standards to the following:

  1. 18 properly executed push ups.

  2. 29 properly executed sit ups.

  3. 1.5 mile run in 14 minutes and 38 seconds or less.

Compensation and Benefits:

LIEUTENANT $49,921 $24.00
SERGEANT $46,512 $22.36
CORPORAL $43,345 $20.83
PATROL OFFICER II $41,367 $19.88
OFFICER, 1 YEAR $39,477 $18.98
OFFICER, 6 MONTHS $38,885 $18.69
OFFICER, ENTRY LEVEL $38,286 $18.40